SMARTstop – Modern station and stopping point infrastructure

The first analogue and digital modular building block system for intelligent public stations and stopping points

Build it, like you need it

The SMARTstop station infrastructure series of analogue modules can be combined as desired, offering an extensively compatible system that enables the configuration and equipping of stops with a high degree of customisation and facilitating adaptation to local requirements.

Moreover, these digital building blocks connect public transport stops with amenities, information networks and other services of transport companies, public and private authorities, and businesses, providing a smart and contemporary ecosystem that is intelligent and disabled-accessible. Thanks to the consistently applied modular building block logic, the stopping points can be configured and equipped for a broad range of use scenarios.

SMARTstop is sustainability in action – socially, ecologically and economically

The key aspects and solutions offered by SMARTstop:

-Comprehensive digital real-time information – also using existing information displays

-simple and cost-efficient construction of disabled-suitable stopping points before the end of 2023

-Uncomplicated and user-oriented digital information systems

-High-quality, disabled-accessible and durable stopping point infrastructure

SMARTstop serves humans and not technology. The focus throughout is on people with disabilities, seniors, people with children, all customers and passengers, as well as the employees of public transport networks, the responsible departments at municipalities, planners, and the inhabitants of regional towns and villages.

With SMARTstop, stations and stopping points are no longer reliant on advertising, which generally requires a great deal of investment and is maintenance-intensive. Dynamic passenger information and other real-time information that is adapted to the needs of disabled people is ensured across the transport network.

This is a vital aspect, as most public transport stops in Switzerland are currently unable to display dynamic passenger information. Alongside, a broad-scale upgrading of facilities including screens and displays makes neither ecological nor economic sense. With a minimal hardware kit, existing steles (e.g. Info76, Publitech, etc.) can be equipped with the intelligent SMARTstop timetable app or the stopping point app for dynamic timetable information and additional stop-related services. And thanks to SMARTstop, passengers across the transport network can easily view real-time information. The overall design has been technically optimised to ensure uniform and consistent accessibility for people with disabilities.

The real advantage of SMARTstop is in its modularity. Thanks to a consistently applied building block logic, every stop can be equipped and upgraded independently of the original construction, available space, passenger traffic and local conditions. SMARTstop – future public transport.

What are the benefits for you?

  • Platform hardware, waiting shelters, information steles, digital and analogue information carriers and other stopping point facilities for modern, digital, intelligent and inclusive stops that are accessible for all

  • All of the components comply with the requirements of the Swiss Federal Act on the Elimination of Discrimination against People with Disabilities (BehiG) and the corresponding standards, guidelines and recommendations. This means accessibility and freedom from barriers for your passengers Inklusion und Hindernisfreiheit für Ihre Fahrgäste

  • Design, development and manufacture in Switzerland by Swiss companies or in close collaboration with European partners

  • Created in cooperation with or supported by best-in-class partners (BURRI, ZHAW, NERVES, gotomo, ZICLA, expert agencies for barrier-free architecture, Vogelwarte Sempach Institute, etc.)

  • SMARTstop encompasses numerous individual needs of stopping point users

  • The use of SMARTstop means that stops and stations can be designed to fit their spatial context, making it a perfect solution for urban, suburban and rural areas

  • Modular building block software with a uniform backend for intelligent stopping point apps comprising numerous functions, a straightforward content management system and connection with the Smart City platform

  • Uncomplicated content management system displays connected to the customer portal at

See SMARTstop in action

Would you like to find out more about how to use SMARTstop to digitise the stops and stations in your municipality, how to equip them in accordance with BehiG or how to undertake upgrading and optimisation?

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Looking to offer comprehensive and dynamic real-time information at your stops without adding excessively to costs?

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Andreas von Euw

product manager SMARTstop