High-quality modular facilities for modern, disabled-friendly stopping points.

The modular building block system for modern and barrier-free stopping points, with a design that fulfils all disability equality requirements and encompasses every precautionary measure for the smart city of the future.

While each individual stopping point is different, it is important to maintain a consistently uniform visual appearance for the region. This is alongside the vital aspects of identification and orientation. With the HSI® ONE modular waiting shelter, you can ensure every stop in your municipality or route network is fully equipped — with no compromises in design and functionality.

The modular principle offers countless possibilities for the configuration of stopping points according to the local situation (individual length, roof overhang, equipment/facilities). The modular system is upward and downward compatible, and thanks to the spare parts guarantee, the stopping point standard is safeguarded over many years. Various equipment options are available for the modular system (benches, standing aids, roof greening, etc.)

The modular building block waiting shelter system enables the use of technical devices (e.g. dynamic passenger information), sensors (cameras, microphones, probes, etc.) as well as intelligent lighting control. With HSI ONE stopping points, the Smart City has arrived.

Thanks to easily positioned prefabricated foundations, you can lower civil engineering costs and simplify construction site processes.

Experience SMARTstop live in action:

See the modular waiting shelter in action

In Weiningen ZH, a working stop has been equipped with HSI® ONE. We will be happy to accompany you on a visit to the stop.

Please get in touch – we can advise you free of charge and with no obligation.