The modular stele system for modern passenger information

SMARTstop stele. Disabled passenger information for every stop.

In the development of the SMARTstop stele, there was a consistent focus on compliance with the requirements and standards of the Disability Equality Act (BehiG). All components meet these criteria in full.

These include the normative requirements for font sizes to aid visibility. In addition, the panels can be adapted to function in a range of passenger information systems with regard to typography, colour scheme and layout. We will be happy to advise you further on this topic.

Thanks to the intelligent profile system of the central unit, passenger information carriers such as timetable boxes can be straightforwardly adjusted to the required height to suit the respective stopping point.

The base is a modular component and is particularly important for the visually impaired, as it prevents collisions with the stele or other protruding objects. All specifications have been met in full. The modules can be adapted to the local situation and ground conditions of the stopping point.

The add-on components are designed in such a way that in the event of a collision, they do not pose any danger due to sharp corners or edges.

In combination with the SMARTstop app, you can offer your passengers inexpensive, comprehensive and dynamic real-time information.

Near Field Communication

Location based

Beacon sensors

AppClip Onboarding

Display – Modi

VoiceOver optimised

SMARTstop stele modules. For maximally flexible passenger information at every stop.

With SMARTstop stele modular building blocks, you have a simple and needs-based system for modern, disabled-friendly passenger information at every stopping point.

The central element of the modular system comprises a robust, life cycle-optimised aluminium profile that offers straightforward assembly and configuration options on all four sides.

Once in place, it can remain at the stop for its entire service life. Upgrading, modifications as well as subsequent addition or reduction of available add-on components is possible throughout the entire service life, with no structural modifications to the central unit.

The modular building block system offers an outstanding degree of customisation freedom with a minimal number of components.

The “bring your own” approach to technology is of particular interest for transportation companies. Existing tried-and-tested stopping point equipment such as timetable cases, ePaper screens and dynamic passenger information carriers can be attached to the central unit quickly and straightforwardly. A range of adapters and mounting options are available.

The system has a deliberately low-key and appealing design and a small spatial footprint. It can be configured and customised according to the needs and spatial conditions of each individual stop.

Detailed overview of the features of SMARTstop steles:

Disabled accessibility.

SMARTstop steles are consistently adapted to BehiG standards and are fully compliant with the corresponding regulations.

More information about accessible bus stops

BYO – Bring Your Own

Transportation companies can mount existing or proprietary systems for static or dynamic passenger information to the steles. Simple, elegant and intelligent adapter components permit the incorporation of additional necessary equipment at any time.

Using branding elements, it is possible to further adapt the stele to the needs of your route network.

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Safety and security thanks to energy self-sufficient lighting

The optional solar module supplies the required power for the integrated presence-controlled lighting, which improves the sense of security for passengers. The capacity of the integrated batteries even permits the operation of simple displays.

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Upsizing and downsizing possible at any time

The SMARTstop steles are flexible in use and are easy to adapt and upgrade.

No special tools are required for any necessary on-site measures.

The steles can be technically and digitally equipped according to the existing stock and inventory. With a growing shift to mobile digital solutions, transportation companies can reduce their equipment to necessary levels without losing aesthetic or technical credibility and acceptance.

Custom solutions are simple and uncomplicated to carry out, also during the service life of the stele. Among other solutions, disabled-adapted signage for up to 12 lines are possible at each stopping point.

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Ease of maintenance

SMARTstop steles feature outstanding ease of maintenance. A choice of particularly robust materials and high-quality surface coating safeguards durability throughout the service lifetime.

Anti-graffiti protective paint ensures effortless cleaning of the stele and add-on components in the event of contamination or defacement.

Connectors can be released easily without special tools, ensuring uncomplicated upgrading, dismantling and modification.

In general, add-on components can be assembled, repositioned or disassembled by one person.

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Experience SMARTstop live.

The first SMARTstop stele is now in use at Dübendorf’s Lindenplatz stop.

Experience the stele including all the features – also in seamless connection with the SMARTstop iPhone app